Last night depression wrapped me like a blanket .

I lost my crown to live

I called your name, you looked and turned away.

I can’t trust my life in my hands anymore.

I want to call your name and get a reason to live .

But I get green marks

I feel you may never be mine.



It will soon be time to take my last breath and watch as the blood run dry in my

wrist and my heart as I say goodbye.

But it’s scary what a smile can hide.

A smile on my lips, but cuts on my hips.

My mangles body you shall see

My head was all but a mess.

My messages and depressions you never saw.

But now suicide will be obvious .



I just knew you won’t care until I ‘m dead.

Maybe you would  write me a poem or edit my biography for free.

I’m putting your name on my wrist so everyone would know you were the last thing that went through my heart.

I want you to know that I love you very much, more than words can say, even more than myself.

No!!, I love you so much to set you free from my dying heart.



I hope you read this

I don’t care if you reply

I will still wait to see green marks.

I’m done crying

I’m done fighting

I’m done trying

I’m done living



I’m done waiting for your flaming tongue to lick my pains.

I just dropped the last fake smile as tears ran down my cheeks

I can’t do it anymore.

I bid my last farewell to those nights of long drolling chats.

I hope you understand.

I understand.

By VERALYN. (From the “Diary of a naughty fine girl”)


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