GUEST ARTISTE: Afro Cool-The New Cool, Says Deroj


Good Sunday afternoon to everyone logging on to our platform, its your darling online show “Guest Artiste”, the first of its kind on a Nigerian blog, and today the one and only “Afrocool” artiste, DEROJ came for the show.

HOST: Good day DEROJ, it’s really nice to have you here with us. Wow! Is somebody really felling excited at all? As for me I am, ‘cos hanging out with you here is a great pleasure. How do you feel being here today DEROJ?

DEROJ: I feel great my brother, It’s a great pleasure.

HOST: I’ve always wanted to meet you one on one after listening to one of your singles recently. That single is a bomb!

DEROJ: Wow! really? That’s overwhelming!

HOST: What is the title of that single?

DEROJ: African Lady. It’s more like a remix of the popular Fela’s African Lady.

HOST: Oh my goodness! After listening to that song,I was like, “do we still have artiste that does Fela kind of music or is this prodigy trying to just steal the show from the already known big artistes around?

DEROJ: *LAUGHS* Well, let me just say. I am very passionate about African Music and culture.

HOST: Since the first time I listened to that song I pleaded for it to be sent to my phone.

DEROJ: Really, that’s great! I’m really delighted to hear that. Fela is a true icon I hold in high esteem. I wouldn’t say I sound like him but he inspires me a lot.

HOST: I can really notice that in your songs. It doesn’t really follow the usual convention that is trending. That really distinguish you from your contemporaries. But does that mean you do just Afro beat? Or you do other genres of music?

DEROJ: Well, I do my own genre of music which I define as “AfroCool”. It’s a sound you listen to, vibe to and also learn from. No noise or garbage. Sense and rhythm you know?

HOST: Impressive! *LAUGHS* I like that, “Sense and Rhythm”. That genre don’t seem to ring a bell. To be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard of it. So are you trying to tell us that you are the originator of this genre of music in Nigeria?

DEROJ: Haba! *LAUGHS* AfroCool defines Deroj. It’s my thing. And I’m taking it all over the world by the grace of God. It’s the new Cool – Afro Cool 😎.

HOST: Wow! That’s a bold one there!

DEROJ: Thanks.

HOST: Seriously, I admire your genre of music, unlike the usual Nigerian Pop all over the place. Sometimes, I ask myself, “are we going to keep listening to just one particular convention of music”? And your coming with Afrocool is doing just what I clamour for in my heart of hearts for our music industry.

DEROJ: Thanks. There is a whole lot more yet to be unraveled as time goes on.

HOST: Did u get that readers! Let me recap that. THERE IS A WHOLE LOT MORE YET TO BE UNRAVELED! Are you trying to tell us that you’re working on your album presently?

DEROJ: Yea,sure. I don’t want to talk much about it until my management gives a go ahead. But it should be fully ready before the end of August. I’ll be on the blog sometime around then. By then we will have a whole lot to talk about. 🤐

HOST: Absolutely. Could you please, tell us what really inspired your kind of music? your motivation and source of inspiration?

DEROJ: I love music. Like I’m not just saying this because it’s what almost every young person is going into. First, I’m not so keen about the money one could make from music. I am a Business man. I run an Online PR Consultant firm – OBA Consult. Also, a smart young entrepreneur who opens his eyes to any business around, you know? *LAUGHS*  So long the capital is readily available. I just can’t let the talent waste. I’m sure going to be accountable for it on the last day. I’ve had the vision and passion ever since I was 3. Mehnnn! It’s a long story you don’t want me to bore you with. I can say I started music professionally during my service year. Although, I was in the chore all through High School and recorded a couple of songs before Uniniversity and while in University. But I can say professional during my service year.

HOST: Wow! you inspire me to do more DEROJ. *JOKES* mhennn, what am I still doing here, abeg, make me sef go find my talent, perhaps sing like you. *LAUGHS*

DEROJ: *LAUGHS* Everyone has a talent funny enough. No one is out there with no talent. You just have to discover and use it.

HOST: That’s true. Utilizing it is key to success. So where do we see your music in the next five years?

DEROJ: Wow, 5 years! By the grace of God on the lips of everyone around the world. White, black and all races. Making them have an interest in Africa, Nigeria and forget about the Ibiza Island 😃.  *LAUGHS*

HOST: *JOKES* Amen!!! What’s your last word for your fans out there who look forward to seeing you live on stage?

DEROJ: Well, the brand is still growing. Just support, and for those supporting already keep supporting. The brand will never fail you.

HOST: *LAUGHS* But do you know that I’m your number one fan!  I rep your brand 100%


HOST: This platform is the number one supporter of AfroCool. *LAUGHS*

DEROJ: Thanks chief.

HOST: Thanks a lot for your time with us. Despite the short notice, you still made out time to turn up for the interview.

DEROJ: I believe time shouldn’t be a factor. No notice is too short for someone passionate about something.

HOST: That’s exceptional Mr DEROJ ! We definitely will have you here some other time. Thanks for joining us.

DEROJ: Thanks for having me. It’s been a great time with you.

HOST: My pleasure.

Awesome time with you DEROJ! Please, do join us next Sunday, same time on this blog platform to meet one on one with your favorite artiste. Peace out!!!



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