Irrespective of your worries, pains, setbacks or challenges, God wants you to enjoy life. LIVE A LITTLE! His desire for you is to be happy and joy filled, no matter what.

His plans for you is that of goodness, mercy and victory. What is more, He laid down the Life of His Son for this very reason – to have the very best of Life even when you or anyone else for that matter think you don’t deserve it.

God desires you to live your life to the fullest; and if for whatever reasons you are not living this life in the fullest of Joy as planned for you by God, then you must understand that Satan is all out to rob and deny you of your Joy – your rightful joy!

And how does he do this? By simply destroying the Child in each and everyone of us.

This can well be pictured in the book of Revelations chapter 12, where a woman was about giving birth to a child and Satan was just about ready in front of the woman, waiting to kill the child, even before it touched the ground.

That is all he knows how to do best – to spoil a perfectly good thing and destroy wonderfully created homes all in a bid to kill the little child in that home – their happiness.

The book of Proverbs 17:22 says, “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine; but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

This is to say that without the little child living within us, ours will be nothing but a troubled soul.

Among many other things, one of the characteristics of a little child is that: A child never misses out on having as much fun as he possibly can. No matter the circumstances, no matter the weights of the pain he carries – a child always find a way to have fun out of it, even in the midst of unprecedented and unexpected setbacks.

Live A Little, God Wants you to enjoy life

That is why you must learn to laugh. As much as you jog and exercise to keep fit and stay heathy, you must equally learn to laugh. It is a medicine that heals the soul.

A life that is overly serious all the time is pretty much like one that has surrendered his existence to Satan; with no hope of a better future up ahead. What I can figure out of scenario such as this is that you are telling Satan he is in perfect charge of your life.

If everyone else around you has chosen this path, for goodness sake not you. For yours is to live a merry life, one designed for happiness and victory.

No doubt, you can learn this in the life of a little child – it does not take much to make them laugh and feel happy. In fact, to them, everything is funny. Everything is fun.

So instead of living a defeated life – always feeling dejected and cast down, how about you learning to find humor in everything you do. Learn to feel happy about yourself and about your life. Others may complain about their jobs and about the economy, but not you. All you have to say is “well I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a great job down here, it sure might not be the best, but it is better than nothing!” You must keep that positive vibe burning at all time.

Laugh. Be merry. Keep a positive outlook and learn to laugh at yourself a little.

Rather than getting upset with yourself because of your human errors and shortcomings, choose instead to laugh at your failures and setbacks.

Let nothing rob you of enjoying the Child within you. Learn to set yourself free from the unending lies, opinions and eyes of the world. Express yourself! Dance! Go out there to catch fun. You deserve it more than anything else!


About the Writer

Live a little, God wants you to enjoy life

CLEMSON OSADOLOR is a young, hungry and dynamic public speaker with an eye for excellence. He is a strategic, creative and thoughtful thinker, who aims to impact lives, transform the mindset of youths and young teenagers through his NGO -SHELTERHOUSE FOUNDATION.

He is a B.A degree holder in International Studies and Diplomacy, from the prestigious University of Benin.


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