Your heart is made of mine
Fragile, yet firm,
Expressive, yet defensive
Your words are as dreamy as mine
Nested in moving and waiting
Waiting for the one who never comes

I am a magic girl too
I wave my wane and they all melt
My smile hides my broken heart and lifts the broken hearted
Seducing hope to shadows extinguished by sunlight
That’s their testimony

In all we knead in common
I am a survivor
A thousand times, I have survived the death of my own hands
I had brought the blade close to my wrist
So many times I tried to overdose my belly
I have been madly in love till insanity took my sanity.

I am not trying to put the gun in your hands
Cause am not the better one here
Each night on my narrow bed, depression wraps me like a blanket
I watch demons dance to my pain
I try hard to see beyond their steps.

you shouldn’t have stopped.
You should have fought harder
You should have told the blade your heart is sharper than it is
You should have looked for Nikiru
You should have fallen in love with rivers at sunset, so you can always remember how beautiful it feels to be moved by something that is out of control
The stars should have been your friends, because they remind us of the beauty in our struggles and we won’t feel lost anymore.

You should have covered your walls and bed with books, jotters and writings
And fallen in love with the smell of new books, as you gasp in their oxygen for life each day
A live music band should have been your companion
You should have challenged the challenge
You should have turned your depression into your expression
You should have moved on , even if he didn’t love you back, cause it’s a beautiful thing to love another
You should have embraced poetry as a lover, not just in musing, but in deliberateness
You should have poured your love on family till you had nothing left, but a get back.

You should have waited for me
It’s too late, they say
You should! you should have! ,you shouldn’t have! won’t change nothing.
My emotions are rumbling
My eyes has seen rivers
Once bitten, ten shy, I say
But hope faileth not
I will live for two
I will live for you and me
I will keeping fighting.

On those nights when depression comes like a close friend.
I will hold firmly so close, and knot my promise at heart
I will live
I will give
I will love
I will wait for the one who never comes, but I don’t know how long
I promise to stay fighting
I hope you receive my kind of poem on uncertain nights as this.
I hope this brings life to your bones
You live on Sylvia Plath
Because you never died.

I love you!



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