Elymas the sorcerer


The Word of GOD is always true. Is it not funny how today, we have many “ELYMAS the sorcerer” amongst our countrymen and women (economic leaders and government officials)? Today C.E.Os, PRESIDENTS of nations and corporations, GOVERNORS, and so on,  are surrounded by many false prophets who claims to be of God but in reality, are of Satan. The so-called Bar-jesus goes about impersonating, dishing out counsels from the pit of hell, fulfilling the instructions and directives of their master Satan and also satisfying their own personal selfishness and greed, seeking power, fame, money and position.

Many innocent leaders in and across the country has fallen prey to the hands of these false and counterfeit fellows, because such leaders (who the bible referred to as prudent) do not know the difference between sorcerer, demonic operation and the real power of God. Fake things or imitation did not just started, the bible speaks of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the true saviour of mankind, and also of “Bar-jesus,” with a similar, yet distinctly different name, who is an imitator, impostor, and counterfeit of Jesus Christ, the true prophet and saviour.
Light House Freedom Chapel

The devil has no new trick; study his patterns by staying abreast with the word of God and you can easily overcome his every move and trick unhurt (Act 13:5-12).

The presence of a false and counterfeit person, power or thing is a proof that the original exist. While the sorcerer, Bar-Jesus goes around with false prophesies, lies, tricks and deceit, the one and only true saviour, Jesus Christ, is right inside Paul, and everyone who believes in him and accept him and his eternal redemption. The presence of the original exposes the untrue and deceitful nature of the fake and impostor. Where there is light, darkness cannot comprehend it.

Guess what, the last time you are troubled and left in the dark is a second ago before Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our Lord and saviour had access to your life, family, business, carrier or ministry. As you accept the person of the TRUE CHRIST, JESUS THE SON OF GOD, EVERY DARKNESS IN YOU DISAPPEARS, NEVER TO APPEAR AGAIN.

The manifestation of the original makes useless and put to shame the counterfeit. Acts 13:11-12,says “The presence of light exposes the non – potency and weaknesses of darkness.” I decree that the light of the word, will light your life and give you total illumination in Jesus Christ name.

Congratulations if you just made a decision to allow Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the one true saviour, come into your life. Join a bible believing church near you if you don’t have one yet.

Stay blessed.

Pastor Afolabi Olabanji
Pastor Afolabi Olabanji.

Lead Pastor, LightHouse Freedom Chapel, Calabar, Nigeria.


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