As I sat down staring at my personal library, thinking of what to write about today, something struck me. Well, at first I did not know what it was, but soon, as I began to ponder on it, it became clearer. That the single reason most people do not ever attain success in their lives is because they are afraid to STANDOUT.

They are scared to try out something new on their own terms and conditions. Rather, they prefer to always hang out in the crowd where they feel comfortable and at ease with themselves.

Dear friend, Noah was able to survive and build the ark which eventually saved him, his family and mankind, because he stood out from the crowd. He was able to capture God’s heart because he decided never to be like everyone else. Hence God picked him.

You see, nothing good ever comes out of a place of comfort, not until you step out and head right into uncharted territories, where your talents, gifts, potentials, abilities, and ideas can be well utilized.

Imagine what would have become of Daniel and the three other fellows if they did not stand out from the crowd. Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den, yet he came out unharmed. The three other fellows were thrown into a burning furnace, yet they came out unharmed, that is what it means to stand out.

To Standout for a good course could cost you all you have. The good thing is, although the world might ridicule and call you names, God sure sees and knows everything, and He will reward your steadfastness.

Do not let the noise from the crowd silence your dream, stand out. Do not allow the noise from the jesters and average low lifers of this world rob you of your ability to dare into the new-into the untested terrains where Ultimate success awaits you.

Stand out. Even if it means being rejected, stand out. Stand for something worthwhile. Stand up for humanity, stand up for a brother, friend, sister, someone in need, stand up for justice, stand up for a course, stand up for greatness, stand firm for whatever you believe in!

Do not just be like every Jack of all trades, be unique. Be bold. Be fearless, be an inspirational authority in your field and environment.

Dare into the impossible. Transform them into the possible. Your aim is to stand out no matter what, irrespective of what anyone feels, be YOU. That is where your strength resides. You cannot be someone else and expect to make a difference that way, when you can just open up your heart and express yourself-letting your true self shine. Your power is in your ability to freely and truly tap into your potentials without fear or the approval of anyone else.

Today, I dare you to stand out! If the water is too packed with a school of average fish, then look for a new pond to swim. Look for a new environment to express yourself, you just cannot allow your talents and potentials be swamped by those who have refused to dream and think for themselves-make your own pond if need be. Sooner or later, they will come swimming along, behind you. Why? Because you Stepped up and decided to standout!



About the authorĀ 

Clemson Osadolor.

CLEMSON OSADOLOR is a young, hungry and dynamic public speaker with an eye for excellence. He is a strategic, creative and thoughtful thinker, who aims to impact lives, transform the mindset of youths and young teenagers through his NGO -SHELTERHOUSE FOUNDATION.

He is a B. A degree holder in International Studies and Diplomacy, from the prestigious University of Benin.


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