Motivation: Life And All It’s Merry Go Round


Anyone who has tasted success in life, surely must be a huge fan of failure too, because success and failure lives on the same street – you must meet one before you meet the other!

In this light therefore, the journey to a life of success is one that is embarked upon by a Vehicle called “failure” – why? Because success is never guaranteed. Success isn’t assured to any man who aspires for it. It was never promised to the great men and women whose legacies we now build upon today.Life and it's merry go round

Success was never promised to ALL the great thinkers, philosophers, inventors, discoverers, adventurers, record breakers and so many others who decided to embark on their aspirations, yet they went ahead to write their names in History books and created success for themselves.

Life is beautiful, no doubt. It is an awesome phenomenon that is best experienced if and when we decide to pursue something worthwhile. For it is in doing this that we truly find our meaning and usefulness in life.

I have watch athletes cry bitterly after losing a game or a race to someone else, while I have also seen others leap for the heavens after becoming victorious. What have I learned? That in life we can’t always win.

You can’t always be at the top, you can’t always be the best, you can’t always be a winner. You have to experience what it means to fail – only then can you truly enjoy success if and when it eventually comes.

Personally, I have experience both sides of life, and believe me, I wish to never ever experience the low side of it ever again; yet, it is that lowest point of my life that has helped me the most.

For these were the times when my character was shapen and molded. These were times when my life was fine-tuned like a gold going through fire. And trust me, I don’t regret it, and you should not as well when you find yourself in the lowest ebb of life.

Good times are wonderful. I mean, tell me who would not want to experience the good times forever? Yet, it is the rough time in our lives that our rough edges gets smoothened and well polished.

Don’t pray to avoid struggles, rather, pray that God will be with you as you go through these setbacks, whatever they may be. For He has promised that surely we will go through the fires, the storms and the winds, but He will never leave nor forsake us.

A man is not stronger in the sweet days, No! A man becomes a man in the days when there is nothing but tastelessness.

A man becomes a man not in the fine couch of comfort, but in the rough and rugged paths that over the years took him into that couch.

Don’t run away from failure. Embrace, befriend, and romance it. In fact, marry it if possible like I have, then you will no longer have any reason to fear it. Why? Because you have made him your partner – your colleague, hence, there is nothing special about him anymore that will amaze you.

This way, trust me success will be yours for the taking. So, beloved, it is my humble desire for you to succeed and reach your dreams in life. To achieve your aspirations and tap fully into your potentials, but to this, you must make a resolution never again to fear Failure.

You must begin to see him as a friend – a companion, one who is leading you right into your destination.

If you fail at something, don’t sit back there grinding and biting your fingers or hitting your head on the walls, No! Don’t do that. Rather, get up and start again.

Start all over again if need be. Start afresh if that will lead you forward and give you the success you deserve, but just don’t quit. NEVER!

Get back on your feet if you fall. Stand up when you slip and lose everything. Get back on track if ever you misstepped and got lost in the dark, but please do not ever give up!

If you can do this, truly; if you can hold on and learn from your past failures and mistakes, believe me, in little or no time, you will thank your stars and be ever grateful you held on to your dreams.

A man who has never failed in life, has never done or tried anything worthwhile. Failure is the best teacher anyone can ever have. And though its price is expensive, but surely, no matter what it cost you, no matter what you lost, if you can hold on and never have to throw away everything, even the ancestors from your Village will testify to the caliber of SUCCESS that awaits you.

To your success.


By Clemson Osadolor Oduware. 


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