Guest Artiste: Chuvano on his PLUS single release


Good day Chuvano , it’s a great pleasure having you here with us today. Mehn, I’m feeling like a celebrity right now seating next to you. I guess our readers and your fans out there reading this are as well. 

Wow! I feel good too. It’s great to be here. Good day.

Mehn I’m so so excited! I feel like screaming PLUS right now, but I will just live that till this show is over.

(Laughs) Yes oooo. You are free to.

So Chuvano, you have been in the music industry for a while, how has the experience been so far?

Well, the word is INTERESTING. The ups and downs, the toughs and roughs have all contributed to making me and my art a lot better. We just keep growing daily.

I’ve heard a couple of your songs some years back while in school, does that mean you have been in the industry for a decade? When exactly did you start your music career?

Not really been in the industry. You know, there’s one thing to be a singer by art, and another to be a singer by profession.
It is when it is a profession that you see it as a business which puts you as a part of the industry. So I’ve been singing for the purpose of personal growth and development, more like preparing myself to join the industry. So I can categorically say that I joined the industry officially in 2016 when I formally released the “Village Meeting” song which brought home the song of the year award at the Miss Uniben Prestigious Awards in 2017. So I officially joined the industry in 2016, even though I started recording in 2009.

That’s a great deal of experience you must have acquired already. And of course, the award is already counting. I must say that is a great way to start a career. By the way, you just spoke of “Village meeting”, is it an album or a single? Because I got into an argument with a friend who is a die hard fan of yours when the song was released.

Village meeting is a song.
Although it’s into consideration as a possible tittle for my EP, and I let that out on social media once. So that fan ain’t wrong totally, just like you ain’t as well.

Chuvano, I must admit that I’m your secret die hard fan too. 

Wow! Great man. So you are a Chuvanorian?

Sure. We all are here. Omo, you are good! Let me officially surrender my reservation (Two hands up).

(Chuvano laughs) Thank you for loving the brand.

What could be your source of inspiration?

Sound and words. Good sounds and interesting words.

Oya na! Somebody is becoming a poet right now.

(Chuvano Laughs.)

By the way, you just released a new single, “PLUS” that is currently raving on the internet, how is the feeling?

It feels very great knowing that people appreciate what you do. I didn’t expect the much positive response that PLUS is enjoying. But I’m glad the fans like it. I’m motivated to do better.

Mehn, PLUS is a bomb! I hear it everywhere, most especially, It is a welcomed single all over the social media channels.

Yes boss.

When I first heard it on your instagram handle I knew it is going viral.

Wow. So you’re a prophet or?

(Both Laughs) You can say that again.
Anyone in the entertainment industry knows a good song when he sees one.

True though.

Starting from the beat to the rendition, OMG, it’s so on point! Guys on our platform can’t just get enough of it.

Wow! Am glad that the song is loved.

Definitely. Where do hope to see your music in the next five years?

Greatly international. We are getting there.

It was really nice having you on our platform Mr chuvano, A.K.A spiritual Murano, A.K.A Everything PLUS!

It’s always a pleasure doing this. Thank you so much. It was a great time with you. More power to your team.

Yes o! Before you leave, let me help you make a shout out to the Zynobeats and the PLUS team that made this single a great success. Also, shout out to fans who keep listening to the PLUS single, una too much! We look forward to seeing more of you on our platform soonest. Peace out! 

For fans who have been looking for Chuvano’s contact/social media channels, we are officially dropping them here for easy access.

I.G @chuvano_otuya
Twitter @chuvano
http://Facebook: Chuvano Otuya

Oya na! Guys, listen to and download the official PLUS single below for FREE.


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