7 Ways To Know He Is No Longer Interested In You

7 Ways To Know He Is No Longer Interested In You

Breaking a relationship could be a horrible period in one’s life, especially for the female folks. Some of them don’t bother trying another when the first fails. They just simply keep to themselves, and most of the time they come up with the conventional notion that ALL GUYS ARE THE SAME. In order to save the ladies from ruining that expensive makeover with tears, these 7 ways to know he is no longer interested in you will save you from a broken heart.

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Tested 7 Ways To Know He Is No Longer Interested In You

  • Look out for reduced communication: This is common with most guys. When a guy is no longer interested in a relationship with his lady, he tends to reduce the rate at which he calls her. If the girl is the type that calls regularly, he ignore her calls and messages, and give her flimsy excuses to justify his actions. Sometimes, he prefers isolation when the girl is around him and does not contribute much to whatever the topic of discussion may be. When a guy starts behaving this way be wise enough to know that he has found a better bed to cheer than yours. Did I just say A BETTER BED? Damn right! So, move on with your life.
  • He avoids spending time with her: Every Guy naturally enjoy spending time with their lady and would give a million excuses to make out time just to be with her. On the other hand, when he starts giving her excuses for not being able to turn up on dates he planned with her and does not make any attempt to reschedule or even feel remorseful about it, dear sister, just know that your role has dropped to that of a side chick.
  • He avoids her friends and relatives: Guys who wants to break up with their lady most times avoid company of friends and relatives of the lady as possible as they can, especially social gathering. Guys do this because they want to cut off every possible link that connects the girl.
  • His tone of voice changes towards her: This is a strong indication that he is no longer interested in her anymore. Let me ask you this ladies: Is there any guy who does not use a soft tone when talking to the lady he loves? Well, I don’t think there is. Most guys will speak to their lady in a softer and more flirtatious tone than they would to a casual lady friend. Fact is when his feelings change, his tone naturally does and becomes unaffectionate. Sometimes, he might speak unkind and abusive words to her. Worse still, he might beat her up with any slight opportunity he gets. At this point as a lady, be wise enough to run for your life. But you fit wait if them  follow you come from your village! Lol!
  • His attention shifts to himself: Usually, a guy who is interested in his lady tries to know what is going on in her life and that of her family, and tries to contribute to making her future ambition one of his priority, as well as helping her achieve it. Also, he tries to establish a deeper conversation to really know her. But when he suddenly starts focusing on himself alone whenever the both of you are in a serious conversation, it is a sign that he just might not have you in his future picture anymore.
  • Pay attention to his body language: Over time, body language is a sure way of communicating someone’s feelings. When a guy is no longer interested in his lady his body language changes drastically. He becomes uncomfortable being around her and avoids physical interactions that will lead to her body touching his. Sometimes, he crosses his chest with his arms to avoid hugging her, or worse still, turn away from her to avoid eye contacts when they are talking.
  • He does not pay attention: This is another obvious way to tell that you are wasting your time with him. When a guy is interested in his lady, he pays all the attention there is to whatever she is talking. He makes effort to remember important things about her, especially her birthday, interests, colours. But when he is no longer interested those things becomes useless to him.


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