New Poem Alert: Arthur’s Sword


Arthur’s Sword

Only the Bravest can lift the sword

Behold,it kisses the rock.
It holds the heart of Camelot!
I have seen Dragons penned down!

Pendragon! Pendragon!!Pendragon!!!
The Faithful Knights shout!
Defending England’s identity.
Mordred,the lurking Demon!

He who lifts the sword,lifts England!
A Sword which depicts Royalty.
I hear them whisper,
Arthur! Arthur!! Arthur!!!

Who is the Heir to Camelot’s Throne?
Men of Sizes dare the sword!
Size don’t represent prowess.
Only Destiny!
The Sword is lifted!!!
And I hear the whispers,
Arthur! Arthur!! Arthur!!!

By Eseosa Hope. 


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