Time Out With T-Mah Ibrahim: The Rising Case Of Single Parenthood Amongst Girls In Nigeria


The issue of single parenthood is not a topic that can be exhausted at a stretch. It has however become so rampant in our present day society.

A single parent is one who handles the responsibility of bringing up a child or children alone without a partner. It means that the parent is responsible for all financial, material and emotional needs of that child and this could be really challenging.

This recent development is caused by series of factors which has given rise to the increase of single parenthood in Nigeria.

Historically, death which is a common factor amongst others is a major cause of single parenthood.

Single parenting can also result from naivety of the concept of love. This happens to most teenage girls who fall prey to young guys that just want to hit and run. They become too trusting and feel they have found ‘the one’ and they begin to make irrational decisions which in turn may lead to single parenthood.

Also, parental interference, that is, undue pressure from parents could be a factor responsible for single parenthood and this could come in two forms. First, that could be when parents dictate your life. When they restrict you too much, out of frustration, the girl child may rebel. With this rebellion come errors in judgement. That could make the girl very vulnerable to predators.

Another instance is when the girl child is being pressured by her parents to get married. She is likely to get pregnant for a man just to get him hooked out of desperation. Some girls are lucky enough to get married at the end of the day while some are left with the responsibility of raising a child all alone.

In addition, there is another factor called the woman liberation tendency. These are the group of women that have decided to be single parents because they cannot be submissive to any man. Instead, they would rather get pregnant and live their lives alone and bring up the child as a single parent. However, this could be for a good cause but extreme cases such as this gives rise to single parenthood.

By Fatimah Ibrahim

Fatimah Ibrahim is an OAP at Asoradio93.5FM, Abuja. Get social with her on twitter @mz-Tmah .


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