Cary Balsano Releases His Horizon Single


The show just got better as Cary Balsano dropped his second single, HORIZON, in the UK this month.

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The Italian folk pop artiste who base in Liverpool dream of making it big in the already saturated Music Industry and this new single might just be the limelight hit.

The independent artiste who started performing on the street to pay his rent recently got hooked up with manager,  Erez Pashut, a development believed would push the artiste to the attention of top UK heavy weights in the industry.

A peep through  his YouTube channel recently, revealed that the single is well received  by music lovers around the globe, as it has received tons of views and likes upon it’s release.

When asked to comment on the progress of the single, this is what the artiste has to say: “The song is being reviewed and featured in a few music blogs and played in some radio stations round the world, yes but still looking for that big step.”

View single below>>>


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